Chateau Kněžice for sale

Bohemia Region – Czech Republic

The 16th century Chateau Knezice is for sale

342 01 Petrovice u Sušice - Czech Republic

The chateau was owned by many noble families and has been reconstructed throughout time. Originally the chateau was surrounded by forrest including a brewery, brick works and horticulture. During the 20th century the chateau was a nursing home for elderly people. Last reconstruction was done by the current owners in 2004, during which all original features were carefully restored and the property was converted into a small luxurious event and conference hotel. The outside area including the original park has also been fully restituted during the renovation.

The chateau is situated in a beautiful area by the entrance to the Sumava natural reserve (Bohemia region). Here you will find an extraordinary unspoilt nature with a rich wild life, wooded mountains and the river Moldau originates from this area. The area is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, fishing and horse riding. Several golf courts are within reasonable distance as well as tennis courts, downhill and cross country skiing. There are many cultural attractions and historical buildings worth visiting in the area.

Living area: 2.000 sqm

Land: 38.000 sqm

Price on request